John Fillwalk by Hans Breder


“Not only is John’s work conceptually based it is also executed impeccably, regardless of media. Whether he is producing video art, interactive installation, virtual reality, hybrid art forms or performative work, John attends to the craft. From conceptualization through documentation, he is inventive and precise at every stage of the art making process.

John’s vitae shows clearly his success in engaging—both as artist and educator—in national and international dialogue. He explores vital concepts in a chorus of media; he is an extraordinary craftsperson; he has been successful in exhibiting all aspects of his intermedia work both nationally and internationally. His documentation is rich and evocative.”

“…Likewise, his efforts over the last four years in forging the Institute of Digital Intermedia Arts under the Lilly Grant have positioned both John and the institution of Ball State University in unique ground – leveraging the history and trajectory of Intermedia art with the truly emerging forms of virtual, interactive and hybrid art forms.

I have recently nominated Mr. Fillwalk to be the president of my foundation, the Hans Breder Foundation - an organization to facilitate international exchange of collaborative projects and establish a permanent archive for historic and contemporary Intermedia artforms. His nomination was unanimously approved by the board which includes such distinguished members as John G. Hanhardt, Director of New Media at the Smithsonian Museum…” “This appointment positions both the IDIA and Ball State University in a partnership with TU Dortmund at the forefront of international new media art. John’s commitment to the advancement of intermedial thought and practice, while employing the technologies of the twenty first century, is evidenced by his record of innovation and accomplishments.”

Hans Breder
F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Art